Monday, April 19, 2010

National Card and Letter Writing Month

I recently read an article about the importance of a hand written letter or thank you note in a magazine article that was focusing on how to make time for what matters most. After reading this article, I drove to the Seattle PZ store and picked up two adorable thank you cards to send to a couple people who had spoiled me with good food and good company in the past week. I even put them in the mail rather than handing it to them so they would have something fun to come home to in their mailbox. It was nice to put the thought and love into a handwritten letter and I know that it was fun for these people to come home to an unexpected card in their mailbox. In light of April being National Card and Letter Writing Month, let’s all take an extra five minutes to slow down and write a little unexpected handwritten note to someone who has brightened our day!Check out the new stationery sets from Mudlark. Visit your local Paper Zone to see the latest designs!

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