Monday, September 27, 2010

Pop-Up Frankenstein

Hi Everyone
I want to introduce you to a great website on all things pop-up, including how to make pop-up cards. These cards may take a little bit more time, and some creative folding, but i think they are definately worth it for that extra-special person. Robert Subuda creates pop-up books, and his website details this process, as well as providing templates for simple do-it-yourself pop-ups. Since it is nearing Halloween, I, of course, needed to pick a Halloween inspired pop-up. Here are the instructions to make this great card.

Materials needed:
Robert Subuda Template printed on cardstock
Purple Cardstock
Green Cardstock
Black cardstock
Small hole punch

Step 1
Cut out the Robert Subuda Template. Trace around the outside of the template with a black Sharpie to create an outline on your purple and green cardstock. I traced the hands again on green cardstock. I traced the head on black.
Step 2
Cut out the shapes on your colored cardstock. Cut the hair off of the head of Frankenstein, and trace this again on the green cardstock. Cut the hands off of the purple jacket. Cut the mouth out of the original template to use on your Frankenstein, and cut the green face out, also.
Step 3
Using the original template pieces placed over the colored pieces and your favorite scoring tool, score the colored cardstock as directed. Fold pieces as directed on the original Robert Sabuda template.
Step 4
Draw the eyes and nose onto the green face. Color the tongue of the mouth red. Using adhesive, attach the mouth to the green face. Attach the green face to the black head with adhesive. Attach the green hands onto the purple jacket.

Step 5
Decorate Frankenstein using black hole punches for the buttons and drawing in the pockets and patch.
Step 6
Decorate the front of your card

Step 7
Glue Frankenstein on to your piece of cardstock cut to the size of an A7 card. Only glue the pants to the card. This will allow the remainder of the pop-up to fold into the card and then pop out!

Happy Crafting Everyone

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Spooktacular 3D Halloween Card

For this project you will need 2 sheets of 8 1/2 x 11 card stock paper, glue, a paper cutter, an xacto knife, a bone folding tool, a ruler, a Halloween stamp, a frame stamp, embossing powder, an embossing tool and some fun stickers for embellishing your card.

You can use any color and style of paper you like, but I used orange and black Stardream paper. For the fence I used stickers by Stampendous. The flying witch and crystal spider stickers came from the Making Memories Spook Alley collection. This is a lot of ingredients, but I assure you that this is quick and easy and the end results will be bewitching!

Start by cutting the orange paper down to two squares that are 5 1/2 inches by 5 1/2 inches.

With the bone tool, score two lines down both the left and right side of the orange squares. The first score should be 1/4 of an inch in from the edge. The second score should be 1/2 of an inch in from the edge. The end result is two scoring lines on each side of the card (creating two fold lines). Do this to both of your orange squares. TIP: Scoring is an important step when working with card stock so that you can insure that your folds are clean and straight and it prevents your paper from cracking.
Next, stamp the frame on one of the orange cards. The frame should be centered high so there is space to stamp the Happy Halloween below and it should be stamped so that the scored edges are on the right and left of the frame. After the ink has dried, carefully use an xacto knife to remove the center piece, leaving the outer frame line and a hole in your card.Next, stamp the Happy Halloween below the frame with clear ink, cover with embossing powder, and then use the embossing tool to heat the powder. This creates a raised, glossy effect on your "Happy Halloween". TIP: Before using the heating tool, I like to clean up the excess embossing powder using a small brush. Remember, once the powder is heated, you cannot remove it, so be sure the powder appears how you like it before heating it up.

Now, fold the scored edges so that you have two right angles and the card sits raised up when placed flat on the table. Do the exact opposite fold on the remaining orange square which will become the back of the 3D card. Once folded, cut down a piece of the black card stock to fit the inner folds of the back piece. Glue the black card stock in to create your background.

Now you can embellish the card with stickers. I like to create the folds in the card before embellishing so that I can play with the placement of the stickers to get the optimum 3D effect. For this card, I put the flying witch sticker on the inside of the card, stuck directly to the black card stock. I cut down the fence sticker and placed it on the outside, lower part of the frame.TIP: the back side of the sticker fence will still be sticky, so I dabbed the back of it with a Q-tip dipped in alcohol to remove the adhesive. This will prevent the card from sticking together when its folded together and mailed.

Next, glue the the front and back together before adding the final touches. Assembling the card is easy. Glue the outer lip of the back side of the card and carefully place the front side of the card so that it is aligned with the back. Be sure the front and back of the card aligns on all sides and that the card will stand on its own before the glue sets. Also, be sure that the card can fold in so that the final product will fit in an envelope. It will fold down to a mailable thickness, trust me! But you need to make sure it's perfect before the glue dries.
As a final touch I added the sparkling spider sticker to the outer corner to enhance the 3D effect.

Faster than you can say "trick or treat" you have an amazing card! The end product will fit in a standard A2 envelope. Keep checking in for more fun Halloween ideas in addition to the great ideas we've already had, like the frankin' fun card, the lanterns and the candy wrappers. And do not forget about the Crafters' Challenge!

Happy Crafting --Kim

Friday, September 24, 2010

Crazy for Copics!!

Hi all!
I am so excited that we now have Copics in our stores! So many people have never seen them before so I wanted to share a few tips with you as well as a project that I made using Copics.

Copics are double tipped alcohol markers. The thing that sets them apart from any other marker is that they are blend-able! They are great to use for coloring rubber stamped images but many people use them for creating comics, fine art, and architecture renderings.
The paper that is recommended to use with Copics is Neenah Classic Crest and the ink pad that works the best is Memento. You can get both at PZ!!

For more information on Copic Markers please visit their official website here.

Here is a card that I made using Copics, Neenah Classic Crest Paper, Memento Ink, and PZ Factes coordinated stationery. As you can see you can get a really nice blended color using Copics.

I am excited to see what you can do with Copics!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Crafters Challenge: Halloween!

I know everyone out there is creative and I've seen some amazingly cute Halloween decorations and invites this year. BUT. . .Can you be as creative if given specific items to use??

Paper Zone is challenging all of your crafty minds to come up with new and innovative ways to use seemingly simple holiday product that we are referring to as the "Secret Ingredients". You can create any project using the Secret Ingredients: invites, thank you's, party favors, trick or treat goodies, anything. We hope to see ideas that surprise, delight and most importantly inspire!

So here is your challenge. What creation can you concoct using two of the three Secret Ingredients shown below?

All of these items are available at Paper Zone and won't break the bank. If you are up for the challenge, you can post a picture of your entry on Facebook or email us at (warning, your entry probably will be posted on our Facebook wall). All entries must be received by October 18th. The winner will receive a $20 gift certificate good at any Paper Zone.

So put your crafty hands together and come up with something good!


Update: We are adding American Crafts Halloween dollar ribbon to the list of Secret Ingredients. Any of this great Halloween ribbon that is only 99 cents can be counted as one of the two required items in your project. And it's super cute!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Fringe It!

Ah fringe...for some reason or another that word always seems to conjure up images of hippies frolicking through the fields, flowers in hair and suede fringed jackets on their backs. It also reminds me of Minnetonka shoes, another flower child favorite. But I digress. Fringe has more than 60's era connotations. Just take Martha Stewart's Fringe Scissors, for example.

Man alive these things are great! Talk about endless uses. You can make grass, hair, confetti, snow, whiskers, funky looking ribbon to decorate packages, and more! You can even use the scissors to shred documents. With the holidays fast approaching Martha's Fringe Scissors are sure to be a go-to item. So come check them out and tell us what you envision doing with your fringe and if it somehow involves skipping through a field so much the better.



Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Quick and Easy Bookcovers. . .with Style.

Now that schools are back in session I thought I'd share some ideas for quick and easy book covers. All that is required for a great book cover is paper and scissors. Any sturdy paper can be used, but the Cavallini line of single sheet wrap is academic and beautiful at the same time, which makes it perfect for school books! Plus it's available by the sheet so you can get multiple styles without buying a ton of extra paper.

Embellishments are optional. I picked these great Paris stickers (also Cavallini) and repurposed some old gift tags.
Step 1: Place the OPEN book on the back side of the wrap and cut the paper so there is an extra 3 - 4 inches on all sides of the book.
Step 2: Fold the top and bottom in so that it is the same height of the book. Try for exact height, because extra paper results in a crumpled look once the book has been used.Step 3: Fold one side of the book cover over the front cover of the book. Carefully insert the book cover into the resulting pocket.Step 4: With the one side nestled in the book cover, close the book to create enough give so that the cover will fit over the binding once the book is closed.Step 5: Fold the last side over the back cover and carefully insert the back cover of the book into the pocket. And voila you have an instant bookcover!

I used the Cavallini stickers and some alphabet stickers to note the subject on the outside of the books (see above). Creating a bookmark with the student's name also adds a personal touch. Use your imagination!These covers are inexpensive, easy, and will not only save wear and tear on the book, but will show the student's personal style.


Gate Fold Card

Hi Everybody

Today I have made a simple Gate Fold Card. I am always quite busy in the Fall with school starting and getting back into that old swing of things. Then it is time to start thinking about Halloween and Christmas cards and decorations. Even though there is a lot of crafting to be done, I still want to be able to create a unique card to say Hi or Happy Birthday. That is why I think the Gate Fold card is great. It is still simple, but gives just a little bit of a twist to the standard card.

Materials For This Project

One 4 ¼” x 11” piece of cardstock
One 2 ½” x 3 ½” piece of cardstock
One 1" square of cardstock
Embellishments and stamps

Step One
Place your 4 1/4" x 11" piece of cardstock on your scoring board, and score at 3 1/8 inches and 8 3/8 inches. This allows for a slight overlapping of the folds.
Step Two
Use your scoring tool to pre-fold your score lines.
Step Three
Decorate the inside of the card
Step Four
Take your 2 ½ by 3 ½ piece of card stock and decorate it with stamps or embellishments.

Step Five
Place the 2 ½ by 3 ½ rectangle of cardstock in the desired position over the flaps.

Adhere one side of the rectangle to the right flap with adhesive

Put a small dab of adhesive on the 3 corners of the triangles and adhere over the two opposite corners of the rectangle. *****Be careful to adhere the triangle on the left flap to the only the card and not the corner of the rectangle. This will allow rectangle to be secured under the left corner triangle while still allowing the card to open.

For this project I used
Cardstock - Wild Cherry, Banana Split, Poptone
12x12 cut for decoration - Sassafras Smooth Sailing

Monday, September 13, 2010

New Product Arrivals from EK Success & Kolo!

EK Success Heavy Duty Punches

These great new punches from EK Success offer a new solution for punching through heavy materials like cardstock and even chipboard. Before the only option for punching items that heavy weight was the Crop-A-Dile or Corner Chomper, but now EK Success has given us a more affordale solution. This new punch comes in a standard 1/8" circle punch, a vertical slot punch (pictured below and often used for making ribbon holes) as well as the all-too-important corner rounder.

Kolo Geneva Album/Guest Book

Kolo has released a great new product that is already flying off our shelves after just a week in the stores. The Geneva (available in red, black or ivory) has 30 heavyweight pages, ruled on one side and blank on the other. Its simple design allows for a variety of uses such as a photo journal, recipe book, sketch book or, of course, a classic guest book.

We also have tons of Halloween and Christmas with new arrivals coming in daily. Stop by and check them out! Happy Fall Everyone! -Amanda

Friday, September 10, 2010

Zine Scene

I want to talk for a moment about self publishing. Sure you can blog, tweet, or facebook your ideas to the world on the internet, but there's nothing more satisfying than holding your own published work in your hands. That's why I'm a huge fan of zines. It's hard for me to define a zine, so check out the Wikipedia entry on zines for a better idea.

Anything you're passionate about can be turned into a zine. If you don't fancy yourself a writer, you don't have to use words. You can draw a comic or showcase your art. Seriously--I can't stress this enough--there are no wrong answers when it comes to making a zine.

This last year pretty much all I did was paint my nails, so I wrote a zine about it. As I was in the final stage of finishing up my zine (just in time for the Portland Zine Symposium, which PZ proudly sponsored this year!), I unpacked the store's shipment of Halloween punches from Martha Stewart. The drippy goo punch had my name all over it! It was like Martha sent this punch to the store just for me.

Drippy Goo
in full effect on the "helpful art tips" page of my zine. Just because we can tweet our every thought for all the world to hear, doesn't mean we should forget about the printed page. It's like the difference between an e-vite in your inbox and getting a beautiful handmade invitation delivered to your front door. They're both important, but some occasions call for a little extra attention to detail. If you're interested in learning more about making your own zines, pick up this very helpful book, Stolen Sharpie Revolution, and head on over to the PZ to see what you can come up with!

--Mayzie, Portland Paper Zone

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Paper Lantern

Hi Everybody!

Well today is my baby girl's first Birthday! And this mommy has a party to get ready for this weekend... I wanted to share with you one of the many crafting projects I've been working on for the party: Paper Lanterns!

I can not believe how easy they were! All you need is paper, scissors a border punch and a little adhesive!

First you'll want to take your paper (any text weight paper will work, I used Stardream) and fold it in half hot dog style.

Next cut on the folded edge about 3 inches into the paper every quarter inch, or so. (Note: If you want to make this go faster you can use the Martha Fringe Scissors!)
Unfold the paper and punch the edges:

Finally glue the two raw edges together to form the lantern:
You can customize these to fit any occasion by using a different border punch along with any color paper.
What party can you make these for?