Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Halloween Candy Wrapper

I need to thank my friend Jenn (thanks, Jenn) for this idea.
I just love making things for Halloween. I think I will be making these, if not for most of the candy I give out, at least for my son's 4th grade class.
I haven't done any Halloween Craft shopping yet this year, but since these are made with relatively small pieces of cardstock, I was able to use some leftover from last year.
My favorite Halloween stamp right now is the Changito Monkey Mummy. I used this with white embossing powder. I also used spider brads on the spiderweb cardstock.
Jenn told me to go to to get the template, but I was unable to access the site at all. I ended up making my own template. I also think that I would be able to adapt this to fit any candy, but the two candies that I picked worked well with the 3x3 design I came up with.


7 ½ x 3 inch piece of cardstock
5 x ½ inch piece of cardstock
Stamps, brads, embellishments.

Step 1

Score the 7 ½ x 5 piece of cardstock at ½ inch, 1 inch, 4 inches, and 4 ½ inches. (Note: The side of the cardstock with the ½ inch and 1 inch score lines is the bottom.)

Step 2

Score the 5 x 1 ½ inch piece of cardstock at ½ and 1 inch from each end.

Step 3

Pre-fold cardstock at score lines

Step 4

Decorate wrapper as you wish.

Step 5

Using adhesive, attach the ½ inch strip along the bottom of the 7 ½ inch piece. Do not put adhesive on the 2nd ½ inch squares between the score lines on the strip.
Step 6

Fold in the ends of the strip and attach to the inside of the cardstock to create the bottom of the wrapper. Let adhesive set

Step 7

Place candy in the wrapper and fold down the front, tucking it in at the bottom.

Happy Crafting Everyone


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