Monday, September 27, 2010

Pop-Up Frankenstein

Hi Everyone
I want to introduce you to a great website on all things pop-up, including how to make pop-up cards. These cards may take a little bit more time, and some creative folding, but i think they are definately worth it for that extra-special person. Robert Subuda creates pop-up books, and his website details this process, as well as providing templates for simple do-it-yourself pop-ups. Since it is nearing Halloween, I, of course, needed to pick a Halloween inspired pop-up. Here are the instructions to make this great card.

Materials needed:
Robert Subuda Template printed on cardstock
Purple Cardstock
Green Cardstock
Black cardstock
Small hole punch

Step 1
Cut out the Robert Subuda Template. Trace around the outside of the template with a black Sharpie to create an outline on your purple and green cardstock. I traced the hands again on green cardstock. I traced the head on black.
Step 2
Cut out the shapes on your colored cardstock. Cut the hair off of the head of Frankenstein, and trace this again on the green cardstock. Cut the hands off of the purple jacket. Cut the mouth out of the original template to use on your Frankenstein, and cut the green face out, also.
Step 3
Using the original template pieces placed over the colored pieces and your favorite scoring tool, score the colored cardstock as directed. Fold pieces as directed on the original Robert Sabuda template.
Step 4
Draw the eyes and nose onto the green face. Color the tongue of the mouth red. Using adhesive, attach the mouth to the green face. Attach the green face to the black head with adhesive. Attach the green hands onto the purple jacket.

Step 5
Decorate Frankenstein using black hole punches for the buttons and drawing in the pockets and patch.
Step 6
Decorate the front of your card

Step 7
Glue Frankenstein on to your piece of cardstock cut to the size of an A7 card. Only glue the pants to the card. This will allow the remainder of the pop-up to fold into the card and then pop out!

Happy Crafting Everyone

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  1. Lovely Colours.Kudos to you
    Dr Sonia S V