Monday, September 20, 2010

Fringe It!

Ah fringe...for some reason or another that word always seems to conjure up images of hippies frolicking through the fields, flowers in hair and suede fringed jackets on their backs. It also reminds me of Minnetonka shoes, another flower child favorite. But I digress. Fringe has more than 60's era connotations. Just take Martha Stewart's Fringe Scissors, for example.

Man alive these things are great! Talk about endless uses. You can make grass, hair, confetti, snow, whiskers, funky looking ribbon to decorate packages, and more! You can even use the scissors to shred documents. With the holidays fast approaching Martha's Fringe Scissors are sure to be a go-to item. So come check them out and tell us what you envision doing with your fringe and if it somehow involves skipping through a field so much the better.



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