Monday, August 23, 2010

Is this a Trick? No, it's a real Treat!

Hi All!

I know it's not even the end of August, and Halloween is a ways around the corner, BUT I have to write about Halloween because the new product arriving in Paper Zone stores is so freakin' cute! Kudos to our buyers for this years' picks, because we have a ton of stamps for only 99 cents that makes me want to become a stampin' zombie. Seriously how cute is this card made by our Jedi Paper Master, Teresa, in Shoreline? I think it's quite possible she had this awesome little card whipped up within an hour of the product arriving in our store!

Bellevue also had some fun with the stamps: blowing up the great little skeleton stamp on the copy machine and making a fun party banner to go along with a cute little favor bag (using more of the awesome stamps!). So, okay, I love our new Halloween stamps and yes, I think it's crazy early. But it's never too early when the end results are as frightfully awesome as these. Plus, now that you know they have arrived, I'm looking forward to seeing all the SPOOKY creations you all come up with.

Now I'm off to have my bite size Snickers. :) --Kim


  1. mmmm.... skeletons and bite size snickers!
    NEVER too early, is right!

  2. That card is so super cute! I love Halloween... is it too early to start decorating my house?