Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sticker Chart

I am always making sticker and star charts for my 9 year old son. He is very hard to get motivated to do something he doesn’t want to do (not too different than any other 9 year old) and using an incentive works well for us.

This summer he needs to read, practice his multiplication tables, and his writing so he doesn’t lose any learning momentum before he starts 4th grade. We have currently decided his next goal is a new skateboard, and made the agreement that he can earn one sticker for ever hour of homework he does. When he gets 25 stickers, then he can have his skateboard.
On this chart that we made, he will put stickers on the number squares once he has completed the required work.

You will need the following items in order to make this chart:

1 12x12
25 square 2 inch diagonal punches
Letter and number stamps and stamp pads
Deckle scissors
Regular scissors
Poster board or other large paper.
3 sheets of 8.5x11 cardstock.

1. Using letter stamps, stamp out the words you want to put on the chart and cut them out.

2. Punch out 25 squares

3. Stamp each square with a number, 1-25.

4. Adhere the number squares to the 12x12

5. Position the pieces on your piece of poster board and adhere.

6. Using a scoring tool, score an 8.5x11 piece of card stock so you have one inch at the bottom, and a square large enough to hold the stickers in the middle

Cut out the corners of the cardstock, and down the vertical score lines until you reach the top of your desired square size and stop cutting.

Create two one inch flaps on the outer portion of the box by cutting them with scissors.

Fold the flaps in and put adhesive on them in order to adhere them to the poster board.

6. Cut thin one inch strips from the scraps to use for the plus and equal signs

7. Adhere the strips to the sign in the desired space.
You now have a chart that you can hand up. We usually put it on his bedroom door using UHU Tack.

Product used for this project

12x12 - Max and Whiskers, Tater Tot by Basic Grey
Punch - 2 inch square punch by Marvy
Cardstock -French Construction in Safety Orange
Poster Board – Fabriano Tiziano Paper in Aquamarine
Stickers – Stinky scratch and sniff stickers by Peaceable Kingdom
Happy Crafting

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  1. My mom used to make me charts too, but nothing this fun! I love that you're using the stinky scratch & sniff stickers to mark each hour of homework. Homework (literally) stinks!