Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sack Monkeys in Shoreline

Hi Everyone!

What's better than a free event that features a parade, food, and a ton of vendor booths? An event with a Paper Zone booth making free sack monkeys!!
This weekend we joined in to Celebrate Shoreline! and had a great time doing it. The smiling group above walked in the parade handing out candy, coupons and PZ good cheer.

While some of us worked the booth helping little ones make their very own paper sack monkey. Nothing beats the smile of a child with a paper sack on their hand with a big monkey grin on it!

If you weren't able to make the event but would still like to monkey around, here are some quick instructions for making your very own Sack Monkey:

You will need a paper lunch sack (which Paper Zone sells in singles!), some construction paper, adhesive, and googly eyes or black stickers for eyes.

For your convenience we put together this template to use for your monkey ears and mouth. Start by printing and cutting the monkey muzzle. You can trace the ears on dark brown and light brown paper.

To start, cut the mouth in half and use adhesive runner tape on the back to adhere to the paper sack. You'll want to strategically place the mouth on the fold of the "bottom" of the sack so that when your hand is in the sack, the mouth can open and close.

Next, use the adhesive tape to glue the inner ear to the outer ear and then glue the ears to the back of the sack.

Using either googly eyes or black stickers, finish off by giving your little monkey eyes to see. And voila! you've got yourself a sack monkey.

This is a GREAT project for kids of all ages and you can take the project a step further by personalizing your monkey. . .in fact check out the Paper Zone Facebook page to see some interesting paper sack creations of Paper Zone past!

It was great to see everyone at Celebrate Shoreline! We had a fun time!


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  1. Sara at the Shoreline PZAugust 24, 2011 at 5:59 PM

    I had so much fun helping the kids make these, and every kid loved it! Even some adults (me) did!