Friday, October 29, 2010

Planning Obsessed

As some of you may know, I am quite crazy for calendars. Every year I usually end up buying several for myself, which I scatter about at home and at the office. Apart from enjoying the imagery, I just love the feeling of organization and, consequently, peace of mind that calendars can bring. To see all the days and months neatly laid out is reassuring as I sit amongst the towers of papers, heaps of samples, and precariously balanced tchokis that occupy my desk.

Given my calendar obsession, imagine my delight when we decided to bring in some 2011 Planners from Cavallini. As you can see, these calendars are really quite something.
Measuring 4"x6" these calendars will fit nicely in a purse and as they are covered in the beautiful and timeless artwork that Cavallini is known for, are sure to stand out amongst the lipsticks, cellphones, sandwiches (Annie Hall lovers take note) or anything else you may carry with you. They also feature week-at-a-glance layout, sections for addresses and notes, and each calendar has Paris, London and New York City transit maps. How cool is all that! These calendars make the perfect gift for yourself and others, of course :).
Happy planning!


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