Friday, July 23, 2010

Calendar Crazy

Can you believe it's almost August? Soon it will be back-to-school time and then the holidays and then, before you know it, a new year! Yikes!

Speaking of a new year, do you know how much I love calendars? No joke. Last year I bought three and I received two as gifts. That's five calendars! Why do you need so many calendars, you may wonder? Are you really that busy? Well, no, I'm really not that busy, and truth be told, I did end up giving away one calendar, but when it comes to calendars, I really can't help myself. More than marking the passage of time, calendars can be great conversational pieces and a fun way to spruce up your environment.

I especially love Cavallini calendars, of which I bought one last year. They are so sophisticated and timeless looking. I really appreciate the quality of the images and the paper they are printed on. These calendars are so beautifully done, in fact, that one could easily cut out a month's or even a full year's worth of images, mount and frame them, and hang them on the wall for an elegant display.

We just got a shipment of these calendars in at the stores for both the wall and desk and you can be certain that I will be getting my hands on one (or two or three) very soon!

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  1. I know how hard is it to resist Cavallini calendars, as I am currently having a major problem deciding which one I can't live without!