Monday, July 19, 2010

Corner Bookmark

Hi Everyone

I hope that you are enjoying a great summer. Don't forget to take a little time out of the busy summer activities for yourself to do a little fun crafting project. I personally like doing mine in front of the air conditioner duct!!! I have also been known to take all of my crafting supplies outside on the picnic table and enjoy getting a little sun. I guess it would depend on how warm it is outside!!

I found this idea for a corner bookmark and thought it was just too cute. The bookmark has a little pocket in it that fits over the corner of a page to hold your place.

These don't take very long to make, and I think I am going to be making a lot to give away as friendship gifts.


One 4" x 4" piece of cardstock
One 2 3/4" x 2 3/4" piece of cardstock
Score-it™ or other scoring tool
Paper cutter
Adhesive tape
Boarder Punch
Stamps, Ink, or embellishments to decorate.
Step 1
Mark the center of three sides of the 4" cardstock square.

Step 2
Place your cardstock square on your scoring tool so two of the marked spots are aligned in one groove. Score between the markings. Repeat on the other side.

Step 3
Prefold at both score lines.

Step 4
Add a decorative border to the unscored side of the 4x4 cardstock square.

Step 5
Line up the 2 3/4" cardstock square diagonally in your paper cutter. Cut the square in half, (corner to corner, to create two triangles. You will need both triangles.

Step 6
Adhere one of the triangles on the front of the bookmark with adhesive and decorate.

Step 7
Turn the bookmark over, fold your corners back in and apply adhesive. Adhere your second triangle over the flaps. This will keep your bookmark closed.

Turn the bookmark back over and it is finished.
For this bookmark I used
Stardream Serpentine Cardstock as the base
Kioshi Motochi 12x12 by Basic Grey for the accent paper
Martha Stewart Doily Boarder Punch
Kioshi Bloomers by Basic Grey for the embellishment
A small piece of ribbon for the bow.
I am also going to make some of these bookmarks using chipboard cutouts and stamps and see where the creativity takes me.
I hope you have fun making these little bookmarks.
Happy Crafting

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  1. Seriously Love this! I was thinking yesterday that I would like to make some book marks for a sweet gal my sis in law sits for. I do believe this is the ticket :)


    ~Emily N. from "too Blessed to Stress"