Friday, July 16, 2010

Be Inspired!

Inspiration can come from so many places, wouldn't you agree? A few notes of a forgotten song heard on the radio, the smell of fresh baked bread wafting through the air, waves crashing on a beach, the verdant emerald hue of a forest...any number of things on any given day can spark the imagination and transport one into a pleasant reverie. And sometimes, if the inspiration really gets a hold of you, you might find yourself turning out a tangible something or other, like mixed CD or loaf of yummy whole wheat bread to share with your family.

Sometimes when I get inspired by something or feel like I need to harness some of my current passions to help me carry out a project or put a plan in place, I like to make myself an inspiration board. Some people call such boards mood boards or dream boards. Whatever name you give such a boards, they can be great tools for focusing your energy and ideas.

Right now I am really in vacation mode. It's that time of summer when the weather is finally nice (at least up here in the good ol' Pacific Northwest) and when life beyond my doorstep beckons. At the moment, I am particularly tuned into camping and cabin life and the great outdoors. Maybe it's because we had such a long winter and no spring here that I'm itching to be out in nature (minus the bugs). The smell of a campfire, the stillness of a lake in the early morning, lemonade, hiking...these are the things I am dreaming about. That said, I've come up with a little collage for myself, which I am using to plan a little getaway at the end of the month and perhaps some cards to write while I am away.

It's super easy to make an inspiration board. All you need is a board (I've used an 11x17 black board), some good images, bits and bobs of this and that (fabric, ribbon, etc) related to your inspiration and an ATG gun to glue the images to the board.
Whatever happens to be catching your fancy, put it in front of you and see what comes from it. Be inspired!

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