Thursday, July 15, 2010

DIY: Darling Magnets

Step 1
Find your magnet to be! I bought these pre made button like stickers, and just pealed off the small piece of adhesive that came on the back.
Step 2
Rolls of magnet tape are pretty inexpensive, and although not super strong, work well for light weight pieces. Cut a small strip for the back of your magnet to be.

Step 3
Peel the backing off the magnet piece and adhere to the back of your new magnet!

Working in the Portland store I am surrounded by many talented customers who keep my inspiration on its toes. When we received these sweet little stickers I felt a DIY project in my fingertips. The button like stickers we just received as a part of the newest line from American Crafts called "I Do". I fell in love with the whimsey feel of each one and then I remembered I have two clean white magnet boards at home in need of new magnets. For under $5 this small project was very pleasing to make happen! Other great materials that can be turned into magnets are old buttons, chipboard cut outs, or maybe a laminated photo you adore. Think outside the box a little! For more daily ideas read along my personal
blog: bee keeper studios.

Happy crafting!

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