Friday, July 2, 2010

Holy Cow!

I was going through some vacation photos from a recent trip to the island country of Curacao and I came across one that I took of a paper cow. This cow was interesting to me for several reasons. One, it was made out of paper and pretty cool; Two, it was displayed amongst a series of windows that were primarily devoted to fashion; Three, I like cows; and Four, it was for a store that sold flooring, huh? (scratching my head). I thought "why a cow?" I came to the conclusion that the creator of the paper cow was just inspired and went with it. I bet it got a lot of looks!

So I decided to look for other paper inspired window displays on the web and I came across this website: OMG! Here is just a sample of an amazing window she did for Macy's in New York. Visit her website and you'll truly be inspired. And to me, this is what Paper Zone is all about: taking something ordinary and turning it into something extraordinary.

I hope everyone has a bit of inspiration themselves this weekend, whether it's in creating a party favor or decorating a dessert for a BBQ. Little touches make the simplest thing special. Have a great holiday everyone! --Kim

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