Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The 4th of July is probably my favorite holiday of the year. (Yes, it beats out Christmas.) It is this holiday that I seem to have my favorite childhood memories from, and it is the one I like best as an adult. As a kid, I remember being with my cousins in the small town of Garrison, North Dakota, in which my grandparents lived. It was a day of carefree play; a picnic at the park; no one worrying where we were or if we were okay. We would go to the variety store to get some fireworks and light them off. Just a lot of fun. As an adult it is a lot of the same. BBQ with friends; lots of kids playing and having fun; and sadly the last year we will be able to do fireworks in our neighborhood. There isn't months of preparation needed to get things ready, and everything is relaxed. It is just a wonderful day all the way around.

I wanted to share this great recipe I found for some red, white, and blue ice cream cupcakes. I will have fun making these and sharing them with our friends and family on the fun Flag Plates that we are now selling in our stores. I sure hope that everyone has a great long weekend.

Happy Crafting....and baking


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