Friday, June 18, 2010

Crepe Paper Flowers

June is National Rose Month, so I thought I would share some creative ideas from our Bellevue store for making paper roses. Using crepe paper streamers (the kind you use at your kid's birthday party), they put together these fantastic paper rose decorations. All you have to do is just wind the streamers in a coil varying the tightness of the coil as you go to get the effect you want and...voila!

They attached all of the rosebuds to central round ball and tied a ribbon to it for hanging. This is such a great and easy decoration idea for a summer luncheon, bridal shower or just to brighten up the room!

If you want to get a little more elaborate, this rose, also made with crepe paper, would make a great centerpiece element, corsage or boutonniere.

Each of the petals was cut out from sheets of yellow crepe paper and attached to a central floral wire stem. The edges of each of the petals have been lightly inked with a ColorBox Cat's Eye inkpad to get that red-tinged effect. What's great about crepe paper is it can be formed to take any shpe you want and it holds that shape. This turns out amazingly realistic and truly looks like something you would see in an heirloom rose garden.

Crepe paper can also be used for a fun gift wrap for odd shaped packages. Here the packages were just simply wrapped and tied with ribbon, but the ends have been rounded and shaped to produce beuatiful blooms. They are almost too cute to open! Once you get started playing with this paper it's hard to stop. The possibilities are endless!

Happy June!


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  1. Love these ideas! You know, I was just experimenting with making paper flowers out of crepe paper the other day...but these turned out better than mine. ;-) Thanks!