Monday, June 28, 2010

Memorable Moments

This past weekend I was getting out of my car at the Tacoma Dome to celebrate my Commencement Ceremony…I was finally going to receive my Master’s Degree! As I was straightening my gown and hat, I noticed a couple getting out of their car. I whispered to my husband that I knew the couple and debated whether or not I should say hello, as I was pretty sure they wouldn’t recognize me initially. They happened to be one of my favorite Paper Zone customers who had originally come into the store for assistance in making invitations celebrating their fiftieth wedding anniversary (yes, fifty!). They had since returned on numerous occasions, in which we shared updates about our families and chatted about nothing in particular. As I approached them on my way in, the man exclaimed, “Sarah! From Paper Zone!” and proceeded to hug me and tell me that I had added a whole new dimension of happiness to his day. I certainly was glad that I decided to say hello, as they too added a new dimension of happiness to my day. This small, yet meaningful, interaction also made me realize something: looking back on my almost seven years working at Paper Zone, I have both celebrated and helped others celebrate many major life events.

For me personally, I have made my own announcements for two degrees received, first my Bachelor’s degree from the University of Puget Sound, and more recently my Master’s degree from the University of Washington Tacoma. I made my own wedding invitations, programs, centerpieces, and favors. I made the announcements for both my cousin’s first baby and my brother’s first baby. I made gorgeous programs for my mother-in-law’s memorial. Not to mention countless parties, celebrations, and events in between. My children’s teachers always received handmade note card sets and personalized holiday gifts. I no longer can buy a card from the store or the card recipient is convinced that I am mad at them…yes, handmade cards are expected. And our annual Valentine’s Day card and letter (my solution to always missing the ball on getting Christmas cards and letters out in time) is eagerly anticipated, and well, expected, by my family and friends. All handmade. All personally created. And all from Paper Zone.

Through good times and bad, Paper Zone has been there every step of the way.

For almost seven years, Paper Zone has played a major part in the many milestones of my life, not to mention in the lives of the countless customers that stop in each day. Paper Zone has provided me the opportunity to celebrate each of these events in a very special and personal way and it is absolutely amazing to think that people come to Paper Zone at life’s most memorable, special, or critical moments: weddings, anniversaries, graduations, birthdays, and deaths. What an amazing feeling (both as an employee and a customer) to know that there is a place to go to help create and design the perfect thing to help celebrate these memorable moments in such a unique and special way.

With love,


Tacoma Store Manager

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