Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tissue Puff Balls

I just love these tissue puff ball decorations and I think they're the perfect way to add a little color and pizazz to a party. Think of how cute these red, white and blue puff balls could be hanging from trees at a 4th of July BBQ or picnic. The best part is that you can get 4 large puffs out of each roll of tissue paper (only $3.99) so it makes for a super inexpensive decoration that makes a huge statement.

We've included a link to our video with instructions to show you just how easy these are!

Step One:
Open the roll of tissue and cut it in half at the crease. Stack 9 of these tissue sheets and accoridan fold them.
Click Here for Step One Instructional Video.

Step Two:
Fold the piece in half to create a crease so you know where the center is. Using scissors, cut the edges off in a rounded shape. Tie ribbon, string or fishing wire around the center where you made the crease.
Click here for Step Two Instructional Video.

Step Three:
Peel away each layer of tissue one sheet at a time to finish your puff ball!
Click Here for Step Three Instructional Video.

These decorations would also be a great addition to a birthday party, summer garden party or even for a wedding! Look at these great ideas from Martha Stewart:


  1. Gorgeous! Will be making these instead of buying paper lanterns for my mom's surprise 50th birthday party!