Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Create Your Own Envelopes

Hi Everyone

We have recently starting selling the Scoring Board by Martha Stewart Crafts. One great feature about his scoring board is that it comes with tools to create your own envelopes; and the measurements you need to make #1, 4 Bar, A2, A6, A7, A9, 6” SQ, and #10 envelopes are all conveniently displayed right on the tool itself. This makes it really simple.

In order to create these envelopes, you will need the following items: assorted 12x12s, a paper cutter, the scoring board with the included tools, and some adhesive.

Step One- Cut your 12x12 to the appropriate size (given on the tool)

Step Two – Place the envelope guide in the left hand corner and line up your cut piece of paper to score at the appropriate measurement points (given on the tool)

Step Three – Fold along the scores and then fold the flaps inward. There are some little triangle pieces that are created between the scores which you can either cut out or fold inward also.

Step Four – Place adhesive on the bottom edges of the two opposite flaps. You can use either set of flaps, depending on how you want your envelope to open.

Step Five – Fold up the bottom flap and adhere to the side flaps.

These envelopes don’t take very long to create, and you can use any 12x12s in order to complement special occasions or your own creative style.

Happy Crafting

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