Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Bushel of Cute

Our stores have been so inspired by the adorable Peter Rabbit party supplies that they've sprouted their own homemade veggies! Our Beaverton store created this fun bushel of veggies that we all loved, so we got the instructions from them to share with all of you!

For this project, you will need:

-ATG Gun and Tape
-Newsprint (a non-patterned tissue can be substituted)
-Rubber bands
-Poptones Text in “Sour Apple”
-Tissue in “Celery” and “Tangerine”

To Make the Carrot: Crumple the newsprint into a carrot-like form, using the rubber bands to help hold shape. Cut a rectangular piece of the Tangerine tissue. To waste the least amount of tissue, size your rectangle to a few inches longer than the carrot when the carrot is placed on the rectangle along the diagonal. Wrap the tissue around the carrot and use the ATG tape to anchor down any gaping tissue.

To make the carrot greens, cut out the desired shape from the Sour Apple paper. For more realism, fringe the greens and then lightly rumple the edging with your fingers. Finally, use the ATG tape to attach the greens to the carrot.

To Make the Head of Cabbage: Make a ball with a flat base (so it can rest on a flat surface) with newsprint and a few rubber bands to keep it in shape. To cover the cabbage you will need to cut out the leaves from the Celery-colored tissue. It doesn’t really matter what the base of the leaf looks like (since it will be covered by the subsequent leaves), but the top of the leaf should be arched. Start covering the cabbage at the top. The leaves at the top should be smaller than the leaves at the bottom so it is helpful to cut out each leaf when you are ready to use it, rather than pre-cutting all the leaves.

To adhere the leaves to the head, run the ATG tape along the bottom perimeter of each leaf. When you get to the base of the cabbage (what would be the stem) it will be difficult to gather and add the larger leaves, but since this part will be hidden once the cabbage is displayed, you don’t have to worry too much about what the very bottom will look like.

Get creative with this, we have tons of veggie-colored papers that you can use to create tomatoes, eggplant, onions and more using this same technique. Hopefully this has inspired you to create your own bushel of veggies and host a Spring Peter Rabbit Party. It's a great theme for a baby shower or Easter get-together. Thanks to the Beaverton PZ for the idea, we love it!

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