Monday, March 7, 2011

Glubers Are Here!

I have been so excited about this new product from Cosmo Cricket ever since we saw it in action at CHA. Now it has finally arrived and I'm completely addicted. Introducing Glubers! They are basically a giant glue dot that allows you to create your own floral embellishments with minimal time and effort. It is really easy to get started. Just pick out the size of Gluber you want (they come in 2", 2.5" or 3" diameter:

Then pick out your material. You will need it to be in strips and you generally use about a yard of length per embellishment, but that can vary depending on how ruffled you make it. You just need a yard in total length, it does not need to be continuous. I'm going to use some satin ribbon in my favorite color tangerine:

The Gluber has clear backing on both sides of the adhesive. Peel off one side of the backing and place your Gluber sticky-side up on your work surface:

Start with one end of your ribbon (or other material) and stick it to the outside edge like so:

Then just create a ruffle or pleat and stick the next part of your ribbon on the outer edge of the Gluber like so:

Continue this process around the whole outer edge, then move in toward the center a little more on the next go around:

Continue this process until you get close to the center. Leave the very center of the Gluber's adhesive exposed about like this:

You can now attach a center piece to your flower. I'm going to use a large rhinestone gem, but you could also do a diecut, button, or other embellishment...

Or, you could just continue your ruffles all the way to the center like I did here with my felt flower:

Once you have your flower complete, just peel off the back piece of plastic and you can stick it to anything.

In addition to flowers, these are great tools for making bows and decorations for gift packaging or even hair accessories like these.

Check out the Cosmo Cricket Blog for even more great ideas for Glubers!

What other fun things can you come up with?

Happy Glubering!



  1. I hope to glueber soon! These are awesome and look really easy!

  2. These are really fun!! I am having dreams of all kinds of flowers! My first one was a success!