Thursday, June 9, 2011

Party Garland

I love the garland that Christina made to decorate her baby's nursery shown here and I've used this idea for so many things - I decorated my house with it for the holidays using glitter paper, made some for outside party decor for my grandpa's birthday, decorated trade show booths with it and will probably be making even more for a friend's bridal shower that I'll be hosting next month. Needless to say - I love simple, gorgeous and inexpensive decorations that I can customize to fit any party/theme/job that needs to get done (I'm sure you've all heard about my puff ball obsession)! I came across the idea from Hambly that takes the circle garland up a notch by adding extra circle punches for even more dimension:

Isn't that so pretty? While this adds a few extra steps to my previous decor (each piece requires 4 punches vs. 2) - I think the tiny bit of extra time is SO worth it. And I love the way these little decorations seem to float in the air and twist and turn when it's breezy outside. All you need is some paper, a circle punch, some fishing wire and adhesive.

Start by punching out 4 circles (if you feel like it, you can add more circles to add more depth to the project, Hambly used 6 in their project above):

Now fold each circle in half, be sure to crease your fold well:

Place adhesive on the sides and adhere two of the circles together like this:

Now place your fishing wire or ribbon in the center and adhere the other two folded circles so that the fishing wire is enclosed in the center of your piece:

Simply use varying papers to create the rest of your garland, I personally think the louder, brighter prints work really well with this project because they really stand out. This is how my mini garland turned out:

It kind of reminds me of mini beach balls - which makes it a perfect summer party garland. This, combined with some color-coordinating puff balls and a few paper rosettes, will make for a very pretty backyard bridal shower for my friend next month. Want more party decor inspiration? Click here for lots of fun may even want to host the next me! --Lauren


  1. I loooove this idea! I especially like that it can be customized with more manly or kid-friendly paper to match the mood. I'll definitely be making some of these for my husband's birthday coming up next month!

  2. I immediately had to make one!

  3. Ditto! I made some last night to doll up my craft room. Now I can't stop! For the second one I'm using a 1 /12 punch and using 6 per. Adorable!