Friday, September 23, 2011

Another Good Bye

One of the things I loved about my job was the creativity and fun that was part of every day at Paper Zone. I'm speaking in past tense because sadly, this will be my last blog post because I have left my job at Paper Zone. I left my job, but not the people.

I will have friends for life from Paper Zone and I will always be PZ's number one fan. I will miss coming up with projects for the blog and sharing with you PZ's amazing products. As a beginner crafter, writing for the blog was a challenge, but it was honestly one of my favorite things to do. So, for my last post I wanted to share with you my personal favorites of the posts I created in a little walk down memory lane.

My first favorite was the 3D Halloween card as shown above. It's that time of year again and I had a lot of fun taking this 3D design that I had used in a previous Christmas card and translating it to Halloween. BTW, I really loved Sandra's pop up Frankenstein too, so check it out if you are looking for some spooky and fun ideas!

Last year we tried something called the 12 days of Christmas and boy that was a lot of work! We really challenged ourselves to come up with a new idea every day and I think we really delivered. My favorite post was the geoball because it was such a challenge to figure out! Once I made the ornament, I was pretty pleased with myself. You will be happy to know that we now sell kits for these in the stores so you don't have to go through all of the measuring that I did to create these.

Also during the 12 days I posted about Christmas Crackers (which I already bought at PZ for this year!!) and ended up with one of my most favorite posts: "Behold the Rat Ring". I loved it because people embraced my weird side and I was able to trick my husband into posing for a photo for it. It was a win win post! :)

In addition to creating projects, I really loved writing about amazing things I saw that made me think of Paper Zone.

Like I still loved the chalk art I saw on my trip to Victoria (which made me think of PZ sidewalk chalk).

And I loved, loved, loved attending CHA and being able to share the amazing things I saw with all of you. The products were great, but the paper dresses and some of the paper art was amazing!!

Lastly, posts that were very dear to my heart were when you let me share details about my wedding. You all are like my family so it was fun to share with you the planning, making the topping on my cake and making place cards for the reception. I'm not exaggerating when I say I was texting the girls back at the office moments before I went down that aisle. You were all there with me in spirit and I could feel the love all the way in Hawaii.

I hope that over the last couple of years of blogging all you readers can feel our love that we put into this blog. I know it will continue to get bigger and better, but will always, always be done out of love: love for Paper Zone, love for crafting and sharing fun project ideas and love for our customer and fellow PZ'ers. It has been an honor to write for you. --Kim


  1. Awww, Kim... I hope this post means you are headed on to a dream-come-true type job/life situation. I am wishing you all the best.

    I still think of the people at PZ as family..... You were one of the reasons it felt that way.

  2. Kim, you will be greatly missed at PZ and I know that the new job must be something amazing to pull you away. I hope that you love every minute of the new job and that you continue to keep up with your PZ family. You will always be a part of my PZ family.

  3. Marie & Gail, Thank you. We'll all still be in touch!!

  4. Best wishes, Kim - I've enjoyed your posts!