Monday, November 14, 2011

Christmas Tree Card

Hi Everyone

Even though I am still anticipating Thanksgiving and the yummy feast we will have, I have started creating my Christmas Cards. I tend to find multiple ideas and can never decide on the one I like best, so I end up making a few of each one. Here is one idea that I really liked. Using 1/2 of a circle of cardstock, you create a Christmas tree by scoring a few lines and then folding the cardstock on those scores.

Ingredients for this card:

5 inch circle of double sided cardstock - I used Crate Paper - Wintergreen
5.5x8.5 Cardstock for the base of the card
Circle Cutter

Step 1

Cut a 5 inch circle out of your cardstock and cut the circle in half.

Step 2

Starting at about 2 inches down on the flat side, score a line through the 1/2 circle to create a base of about 2 to 2 1/2 inches.

Step 3

Fold along the score line. Using the flat side as a guide, line up your paper and create a new score line.

Step 4

Fold the score in the opposite direction as the first score and repeat the process of lining up the flat side as a guide and scoring another line.

Step 5

Fold your score line in the opposite direction and follow the previous step.

Your Christmas Tree should look like the picture below. If you want the color scheme to run the opposite way, then just reverse the folds.

Step 6.

Using adhesive, glue down the folds on the tree. Place the tree on your card and embellish as desired. I used American Crafts Ribbon, a clear rhinestone, and a Merry Christmas stamp.

Happy Crafting


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