Thursday, January 27, 2011

5 Easy Ways to say "I Love You"

Love. It has inspired music, poetry, and beautiful works of art.

It has also inspired the creative minds at Paper Zone to design love notes, sweet treats, cute cards and gorgeous gifts. I always say the best gifts come from the heart. And what better way to express what is in your heart than through your hands?

I thought I would share 5 ideas from our Facebook album that made my heart skip a beat. I hope you find some inspiration for your Valentine:

1. Je t'adore : This lovely little Valentine (above) was made with items from the aptly named line from Making Memories: "Je t'adore" (which was previously featured in this blog post). All you need is some smartly cut paper, a couple of brads and these charming embellishments to make your sweetheart say "Oui, Oui" to your love.

2. The ruffled heart card (left): Detailed instructions for this card are found in this post. This technique has many variations and they all say "love me".

3. The tower of love: You can't go wrong giving a gift smartly packaged in beautiful papers. Plus, who doesn't love multiple gifts!?! Instructions for folding these adorable little boxes can be found here.

4. For the Record. . . Declare your love in a unique and fun fashion. Whether you are going on the record to declare your hearts desire or you want to remind someone special that you make beautiful music together, this card can be easily made with paper, a brad (for the center), a circle cutting tool and a folding tool (to make the outside envelope). Rock on!

5. Seal it with a kiss: You can use the same heart punch used in the ruffle heart card to make a great little candy wrapper made out of folded paper and tied with a bow. The additional trim was also made with the assistance of a punch and adds a charming touch.

Remember, Valentine's are not only for couples in love. They can be for your child, your sister, your best friend, your UPS guy (we've got some great ones!) or the man at the deli counter who always knows your sandwich.

Have some fun while you make someone smile. Inspire Design Create. . .and share the love! --Kim

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