Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Swedish Heart

Hi Everyone

Now that the Winter holidays are over, it is time for me to start thinking of Valentine's day. I love making these fun little hearts to fill with candy or other little goodies for my kids and husband.

Living in Seattle, I think this is a really fun little project for a rainy Saturday afternoon.

Materials needed

2-8.5x11 pieces of text weight paper of two different colors.

Step 1

Fold one 8.5x11 piece of paper in half. Cut this in half, creating two pieces that measure 4.25x5.5. Repeat with the other piece of paper. Trim one piece of each color, rounding the open ends. Your pieces should measure approximately 4x5.25 inches. Cut two slits in the paper, starting at the folded end. These slits should be equally placed and measure about 4.5 inches long. You will now have 3 loops on each piece of paper.

Hint: The size of the paper doesn’t really matter, the important thing is that you are able to cut slits into the paper that are a little longer than the paper is wide. This will allow you to weave the loops easily.

Step 2

Start weaving with the bottom 1/3 loop of the white loop. Weave this through the first red loop. Insert and weave the second red loop through the light piece. Weave the white piece through the third red loop.

Step 3

Next weave the red middle loop through the white loop. Weave the middle white loop through the red loop. Weave the red loop through the white loop once again.

Hint The middle loop of the white piece is woven through the red loop in the opposite way as step number 2.

Step 4

The last loop is woven the same way as step number 2.

Your heart should look like this. It can be opened up and be filled with goodies.

Optional Step 5

Add a handle to the heart if desired.

Happy Crafting


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