Monday, January 17, 2011

J'adore Je t'Adore

Well, it won't be long now, will it? Yes, indeedy. Red and pink are everywhere and all the little cherubs are primed with their bows and arrows, ready to inspire love at a moment's notice. Yes, Valentine's Day is coming!

Robert Doisneau: Kiss by the Hotel de Ville

So are you ready for this most romantic of holidays? Well, if you need a little inspiration, you need look no further than Making Memories' Je t'Adore line. J'adore Je t'Adore! Everything in the line is truly sweet. There are great papers to craft cards with...

And lovely bits and bobs to embellish with...

And what about decoration for your house?

Or adornment for your wrist (yes there is even a charm bracelet making kit!!)?

I love this line and I'm certain you will too! Come on in and check it out and create something cute for your sweetie(s) or yourself. Tiffany

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