Monday, January 10, 2011

Going to The Chapel...

Do you hear the wedding bells ringing? Ok, you might not hear them quite yet...but it's definitely getting to that time when brides are starting to get their fix on wedding planning. This past weekend marked my first dose of wedding for the year with our participation at the Seattle Wedding Show.

For the many years I've been with PZ, I've had a hand in putting our booth together and getting things ready for the show. Every year the show is a little different, but there are always a few things that - year after year - people just go crazy for. For one, this lingerie shower invitation.
Although a little risque, it's always been a huge hit. You can find the template for it right here, and the shopping list here. This invite has inspired lots of bridesmaids to host lingerie showers, and it's made a lot of grooms-to-be blush at our booth. And the bridesmaids always love this bachelorette party invite, so fun and girlie, a perfect invite for a girls' night out:
People also were loving these new little favor boxes, simply assemble the box, fill it with candy and you have an adorable wedding favor:

Another thing that I personally was loving this year was the cupcake booths at the show...and of course the generous samples that were handed to me as I perused the Wedding Show aisles (I think I spent the entire day yesterday fueled by cupcakes!). This year, we also showcased a really beautiful bouquet of paper flowers that people adored:

For weddings, it makes a simple and chic table can even switch around the papers to match your wedding colors. The bouquet was a collaboration from a few of us at PZ, so today I'm sharing the steps to my part of the bouquet (yes...I used the tissue puff ball idea that I love - see here and here, scaled it down, and created a flower with it!).

Step 1. Gather your supplies - tissue paper, scissors and floral wire (yes, only 3 items!):

Step 2. Cut 6 sheets of tissue to 8.5" x 11" and accordian fold:

Step 3. Wrap the floral wire around the center of the folded piece:

Step 4. Cut a rounded edge from each of the ends:

Step 5. Reveal your flower by peeling away each layer of tissue, one at a time:

Check back on Wednesday to learn how to create the next flower in the bouquet!


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