Monday, May 30, 2011

Cupcake Kit

Hello everyone! Today I want to share with you a fun project I made after seeing it in the inspirational magazine, Simply Handmade.(Above is a photo of what the magazine looks like... you can find them in our stores!)

The project I want to share with you is a Cupcake Kit, which would be a great gift for someone's birthday... or just because.

To start out you want to gather your supplies. You will need paper, adhesive, a 5x5x10 inch box, Shredz, an Epic 6 die cut machine (this machine is included in the Lifestyle Craft Letterpress combo kit), the Scalloped Cupcake Liner cutting die set, a craft knife, a transparency sheet and toothpicks.
First up, you'll want to create a window in the lid of the box. Do do this cut an opening out of the lid of the box with a craft knife and glue a transparency to the inside of the lid.
Next up, create the cupcake liners. This step is so easy! All you need to do is cut down the paper you want the liners to be made out of to 4x12 inches. Then simply run the paper and liner die through the Epic 6 machine. Out will come a cute liner! Simply glue together and repeat!

To top this project off, create decorative toothpicks to stick into the cupcake. To create these simply use the dies and decorative paper to cut out the pieces you'll need.

The great thing about these die cut shapes is they have notches cut in them, so sticking a toothpick in them is so easy!Using adhesive, layer shapes together to create flower toppers.
Next, fill your box with Shredz and the cupcake liners and toppers you just made!

To finish the project, create a tag for the outside of the box. I used a scalloped oval punch with decorate paper and made a title with Tiny Type stickers.
Finally, tie some ribbon around your box and you are done!

This project can be customized to fit any occasion or theme by selecting paper that coordinates.

Happy Memorial Day!
I hope you all can take a little time today to be creative!

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