Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Setting the Table

Once your invitations are out and RSVP's start rolling in, it's time to think about your reception and the fun things that go with it like menus, favor boxes and place cards. Today I am going to share with you the place cards I made for my recent wedding.

My first piece of advice for anyone throwing a dinner reception is start with the place card holder. First, it might be difficult to find exactly what you want and second, the shape and size of the card holder will dictate the place card itself. After a lot of searching, I decided on these shell place card holders (above).

And because the slits in the shells were so thin, my original plan of using card stock was dashed. But, no fear, Paper Zone had a text weight (thinner paper) in PZ facets that matched our menus and invitations.

So, to create my place cards I used a few sheets of PZ facets in Belize, some American Crafts ribbon in a chocolate brown, a honeycomb-like stamp, Fresh Ink in Slate and rub on letters from Making Memories.

I started by using the wavy edge blade of my Purple Cow trimmer to cut scalloped edge pieces of paper about 2" by 3". You can use any scalloped edge scissor or trimmer. I just preferred a softer edge than a straight line. This became my base. HINT: if you are doing a destination wedding, cut extras and take them with you. Always be prepared for extra guests or mishaps!

Next, I stamped the top third of the piece of paper with the gray ink. If using a stamp like the design I chose, be careful to line up the pattern.

Next, I used my trusty ATG gun to glue a strip of ribbon along the bottom edge of the stamp.
Cut the edges of the ribbon to match the size of the place card and the shape of the scalloped edge. Use good scissors or the ribbon might fray!

Next, I used these lovely rub on letters from Making Memories to add my guests names. These particular letters are hard to photograph, but in the sun, they were a shimmery silver and looked gorgeous. Another option for adding guest names is to print the names on the paper before cutting it down, or use any other rub on or letter stickers.

Once the names have been added, I made a small bow with the ribbon and glued it on (this time using my 3M glue dots) for an added touch and your done!

Next time I will share with you our menus (that were so easy the groom made them!) and our quick and easy favor boxes.

Thank you for letting me share some of my big day with you!



  1. so easy the groom made them?

  2. Very cool idea and different, thank you for this idea also saves a bit of dollar!