Friday, May 13, 2011

Little Paper Party Favors

Our stores are brimming with cuteness right now! You'll witness all this bouncing baby joy if you come to our Baby Extravaganza tomorrow - from sweet baby announcements to shower invitations, cute cupcake pinwheels and homemade baby nursery decorations - we have it all when it comes to adorable baby inspiration! One of the things that not many people think of when hosting a baby shower is: party favors. We came up with one that is so easy to create and you can fill it with whatever you want ~ candy is the most obvious choice, but you could also put jewelry in there, make it a "baby fortune cookie" by putting a little fortune inside...maybe even a fortune that reveals the sex of the baby! Ready to learn how to make these? You'll be a party favor-making pro in just FIVE Easy Steps!

Step 1) Cut paper to 6" x 3"
{You can make it larger or smaller than this, but this is a good size to start with}

Step 2)
Flip the paper over and put adhesive on 3 of the sides
{I marked the sides that I put adhesive on just to show you where to put it, you don't need to do this}

Step 3) Roll it up!
{Just roll it together from the short edge to the other short edge, very easy!}

Step 5: Pinch one edge together, fill with candy/goodies, and then pinch it closed
{You want to pinch each side in opposite directions so it forms a triangular shape}

Wasn't that easy? Super simple and oh-so-cute! Now decorate with glitter, punches, ribbon, whatever you want to personalize your favors or make them match your party theme. These are also great for birthday parties, bridal showers and make great, inexpensive wedding favors too! I hope to see everyone at the Baby Extravaganza tomorrow from 11am to 3pm, we will be demoing these adorable favors as well as some amazing Baby Shower Invites done 3 Ways and will have refreshments! --Lauren

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