Friday, October 21, 2011

Fall Fanned Out Faces

Today I am sharing with you all another great Fall decoration idea brought to you by our crafty team in Seattle: Fall Fanned Out Faces!

We found this one in the October issue of Martha Stewart Magazine! Check out her new Halloween and Holiday Craft lines at any of our Paper Zone Locations!

What you’ll need:
- Three 8.5x11 sheets of text weight paper (Black : OWL, Orange: PUMPKIN)
- Double stick tape
- Scissors
- Oval hand punch
- Floral wire or Pipe cleaner
- A sheet of orange, yellow, and black –OWL Only
- A sheet of green –PUMPKIN Only
1: Score your three sheets of 8.5x11 paper; scoring the 11” side from top to bottom.

2:Use your double stick tape to attach all three pieces.

3: Secure middle with floral wire or pipe cleaner.
4: Again use your double stick tape to close the remaining open spots.

5: For Brow and Eye; Download the available PDF for the Owl’s Brow and eye and print. Trace the cut out shapes on your black and yellow paper.

6: For beak; Fold your orange 8.5x11 in half, using the top corner cut a 90 degree triangle off the top. Keeping your paper folded, draw the shape of beak you would like and cut. Open beak and punch two nostrils.

7: Double stick tape Brow, Eyes and Break on your Fanned Out Face.
8: Hole punch the top of your Fanned out face and hang.

Happy Fall Crafting!


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