Friday, October 14, 2011

Boo Card

It is almost Halloween. Time for costumes, cider, and candy. All those fun fall things: Pumpkins, apples, and scarecrows. I saw this super cute card and had to make it. This is definitely one of my favorites I have made in a while.

Ingredients for this Card

Black Cardstock - 5.5x4.25
White Cardstock -4.25x11
Cardstock - 8.5x5.5 scored at 4.25 for the card base.
Black Stamp Pad
Deckle scissors
Googlie Eyes
Boo stamp or Alphabet letters Stamp
Paper Trimmer

Step One

Using your deckle scissors, cut the white piece of cardstock across at different angles. Cut another notch out of one of the pieces for the googlie eyes. Using your stamp pad, ink around the edges of the white paper. Don't worry if you get any extra ink on the paper.

Step Two

Layer the inked paper strips on top of the black 5.5x4.25 piece of cardstock. Making sure you leave the notch for the googlie eyes.

Step Three

Using a paper trimmer. Trim the edges so your piece is around 4x5.25.

Step Four

Attach googlie eyes and stamp "Boo" under the eyes. If you don't have a Boo stamp, using alphabet letters would work great.

Step Five

Attach this piece to your base card. I thought it looked best on black. Then you can use a white pen to write your message on the card.

Happy Crafting


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  1. This is such a cute idea! You're so clever. Thank you for sharing the steps. :}