Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pumpkin Lanterns

I am happy to share with you a project brought to you by our talented staff in Seattle. They have created the most amazing Halloween decoration including today's project: Pumpkin Lanterns! Below are instructions on how to make your own
What you’ll need:
-Paper Lantern
-Pipe Cleaners
-One sheet of green paper
-Glimmer Mist - Tiger Lily and/or Sun Flower
-Color Box Chalk Ink Pad – Tangerine
-Green Floral Tape

1: Spray your lantern with Glimmer Mist, and let dry for ten minutes.

2: Rub your ColorBox Chalk ink pad from top to bottom all the way around. Let dry for ten minutes.

3: Fold your 8.5x11 in half. Draw a half heart shape facing the fold. In the middle of the half heart draw the tail end of a crescent moon and begin to cut your leaf.

4: For curly tendrils, spiral two brown pipe cleaners around a marker, then slide off.

5: For leaf and stem; Attach leaf and tendrils to the paper lantern by winding the ends of the pipe cleaners around the wire frame. For stem, roll a few sheets of newspaper into a tapered shape; cut off wider end, then wrap other end with green floral tape. Wrap another brown pipe cleaner around base of stem; secure ends to wire frame.

6:Hang lanterns with fishing line.

Thanks, Seattle Team, for sharing your creative ideas with us!


P.S. Stay tuned: Next up will be instructions on how to make the cute fan faces as seen in the first photo!

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