Friday, May 28, 2010

Celebrating Our Teachers

In May we celebrated National Teacher Appreciation Week by putting together some really cool gift baskets filled with goodies for the classroom: markers, glue, paints, colored pencils, sketch pads, origami kits and a bunch of other fun school items. We invited people to come in and vote for their favorite teacher and the positive response blew us away - we even got put in the Shoreline Area News! People were so eager to come in and nominate their teacher, we had tons of entries in each store. I was the lucky one who got to draw the winner and contact the teachers. The amount of gratitude and excitement that the winning teachers had was so contagious and stayed with me throughout the day, it was such a cool and unique experience being able to talk to each of them. Most of them didn't even know they were nominated so it really made the surprise and the reaction that much more fun. Here are some photos of our lucky winners as they came to claim their prize:

Mrs. Pihl from Echo Lake Elementary in Shoreline:

Mrs. Regalia from St. Louise School in Bellevue:

Ms. Fox from Queen of Peace School in Salem:

Thank you to all of our teachers, we recognize everything you do and truly enjoyed celebrating our appreciation for you during National Teacher Appreciation Week! - Lauren

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