Monday, May 10, 2010

Party Paper

It's that time of year! The weather is getting nice and there is so much to celebrate... Time for a Party! Whether it's a birthday, graduation, a baby shower, or a wedding, I have some fun and easy party decorations to share with you that are perfect for any party!

First up we have tissue puffs. These puffs look intimidating but are really easy! All you need is some tissue paper, string, and scissors and you are ready to go. I was able to find this tutorial that gives step by step instructions on how to make them. (The video was made by our friends at Lasting Memories!)

Next up we have my new favorite: paper garland! These are also really quick and fun to make. All you do is find the perfect patterned paper, and then punch away! (I would recommend double sided paper, although you can use single sided and glue two sheets together to get a pattern on each side.) I cut some small 1 and a half inch circles, and some large 3 inch circles out of my paper. Then got my sewing machine out, and sewed away. You'll want to sew all the circles continuously remembering to leave a gap between each one that is about an inch apart. With that you are ready to hang! I made these to hang in my baby girl's bathroom window but they would also be fun to drape between the rows of chairs at a wedding or hang from a chandelier... the possibilities are endless.

The great thing about making your own decorations is that you can customize them to fit your party's theme. Not to mention you can usually save a ton of money while impressing all your guests with your craftiness!
Happy Crafting!

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