Friday, December 10, 2010

Pails in Comparison

Have you checked out the clear pails in our stores? These fun little pails give way to many creative ideas, great for all-occasion gifts, party favors, wedding favors, or...just because. And they are available in four sizes! Who doesn't love a fun little blank canvas like this? Just in time for the holidays - we have an amazing cookie tin idea for you, and it makes a perfect holiday gift (it's a great hostess gift too!)

We are loving this cookie pail idea - fill the container with your favorite cookies, include an embellished recipe card, and decorate as you wish. This mini cookie stamp was carved by an associate at the Portland PZ (we sell little kits to carve your own stamps so you can customize your stamp just how you want them!)

How do you get the ribbon pull top?
The tin top is fairly malleable and making a hole can be done in various ways:

Idea #1: Use a wide nail and hammer to create an indent.
Idea #2: The 6" indented Crop 'o' Dile eyelet setter can punch though thin metal such as this creating a clean hole.

Once your hole is made, simply slip about 6" of ribbon through and knot on the inside & trim any excess tails.

Medium Clear Tin Pail
Any Ribbon of your Liking
Various metallic paper (pictured: Stardream Bronze & Curious Metallics Gold Leaf)
Your favorite sweet cookie recipe! Find the Chewy Molasses Spice Cookies seen here from Martha Stewart!

What clever things could you make with these tin pails? --Portland PZ

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