Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Easy Party Planning Tips

The holidays are my favorite time of year...not because of all the gift giving and holiday cheer...but for the excuse to get everyone together for holiday parties, to eat good food and cook cozy meals. And, now that I just moved out of my tiny apartment and into a house, I can't wait to host a holiday party for my friends. In the midst of moving, I have managed to put up a tree, hang a wreath, put festive garland on the mantel and even create some ornaments and snowflakes with ideas from my fellow PZ Bloggers (thanks guys!).

Now, it's on to unpacking all my boxes and getting things cleaned up for the party (I admit, the fun holiday decorating took precedence over the unpacking!).With so many things already on my plate, I am SO grateful for the things that are going to make my party-planning just a little easier:

1) Adorable plates & napkins that I don't have to wash after the party: love the festive candycane & cupcake design AND no clean up - I'm sold! Those of you who know me know that I: a) love my sweets and b) don't like to clean - so these are the perfect match for me!

2) An oh-so-cute table centerpiece that was put up in less than 2 minutes! Bonus points for this one - my family has a tradition to see this ballet every year, and I love it!

3) A matching Nutcracker garland that is ready to go, simply pin up and your lovely holiday decor is all set!

4) These party picks will turn any blah appetizer into a festive holiday hors d'oeuvre. Perfect for sprucing up my cheese and cracker spread!

5) And finally, the cupcake kit that I use for pretty much every party. They are so easy and make such a cute presentation with little effort (whip up your cupcakes, spread the frosting, stick the decoration on top and you're good to go!).
I always get compliments when I bring these cupcakes to parties.
Hopefully my little party tips can help you feel a little less stressed about all the things going on during the busy weeks ahead. You can stop by PZ and get all these things in one easy trip - you might even find some cute party favor ideas - I'm still thinking of making cookies as party favors in these fun treat bags.

If you have more party planning ideas, I would love to hear them! --Lauren

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