Sunday, December 19, 2010

6th Day of Christmas - Letterpress Gift Card Holders

Sometimes gift cards seem impersonal and kind of a last resort, but sometimes they are the perfect thing for certain people on your list. This year there is a great die cut set from Lifestyle Crafts (the same people that brought you my favorite letterpress machine) called Winter Wishes that will make it really easy to give that gift card a personal touch. Not only do you get a fantasitic alphabet that can be used for tons of different projects, but you also get these pocket cards that are also really versitile.

The largest size is convieniently perfect for a gift card. I decided to go really fancy and letterpress it as well, so I started with the PZ Letterpress cardstock in Ecru.

After die-cutting the main pieces, I cut out a couple of circles using somes scraps of red paper I had lying around and the nesting circle dies that came with my letterpress machine. These will act as a pull-tab and also keep the gift card in place.

I used dies from the Winter Tide letterpress die set to make a simple greeting and spruce up the insert piece a bit.

Next, I glued the 2 red circles to the edge of the insert piece. The first one is adhered to the back of the insert and the second one is adhered to the first circle as shown. Be sure the front circle is not glued to the front of the insert so you are able to tuck the gift card in as shown.

Then just fold and glue the outside envelope together.

The insert and gift card fit nicely in the envelope to make for an easy and really personalized way to give your gift.

Happy Gift Giving!



  1. This looks like a super fun project & not just for Christmas. Thanks for the inspiration

  2. Letterpress machines are very cool. What a great idea.

  3. I love this pattern... Would make great pockets and pull outs for paper crafting books and cards. Love it!

  4. Really neat - you can use the pockets for all kinds of things...tuck a note in a lunchbox even

  5. I definitely need a Letterpress! Just put it in my Christmas stocking!

  6. very cool the way you made it..thanks for sharing as i might need it when design Gift Card envelopes.

  7. These are just simple gift card and holder .You change ther design and take one or two color.
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