Friday, December 31, 2010

Weddings for Beginners: Color Inspiration

After I recently got engaged I found myself looking down at my ring and thinking “now what?” So, I did the one thing I knew to do: I went to Paper Zone.

I have determined that aside from picking a date and place for my wedding, the next crucial step was picking colors. And who has more colors than PZ?

Knowing that we are planning an oceanside wedding, I was immediately drawn to the Aquamarine paper in the Envelopments line (below). Then there was the bronze, the pearl latte, the pearl linen, the So Silk, I could go on.

I absolutely knew I wanted handmade invitations (like the PZ sample above) because I want our wedding invitation say, “this is an important event and it is meaningful to us that you attend” and, to me, the best way of saying that is with a beautiful handmade invitation.

And thankfully, places like Paper Zone make that a doable task. In addition to numerous sample boards, we have this great checklist so you can plan all of your stationary needs at once for a cohesive presentation rather than thinking “oh yeah, I need programs too”.

There are many routes you can take with handmade invites: you can make them yourself start to finish; you can design them & then work with a professional printer; or you can work with a designer. And while we offer easy-to-follow templates and creative and helpful Associates, I opted to work with a designer (special shout out to Jennifer Witsil Creative).

My fist full of papers lead me to inspiration boards like the one to the left (I Googled "chocolate aqua wedding" and searched images) giving me ideas on other aspects of my wedding such as flowers, the cake, etc.

And, of course, out of the beautiful papers came a beautiful Save the Date:

Starting the wedding planning process can be intimidating, but start with a checklist and some inspiration and you’ll gradually move in the right direction. I really encourage any bride-to-be to stop by Paper Zone to browse. Photos cannot relay the pearl-like colors and satiny textures and papers that look like linen. . .oh it’s magical!

To see some of this magic, visit us at the Seattle Wedding Show January 8th & 9th. We’ll have some great papers and ideas on display (maybe even my invites too!). I hope to see you there. --Kim

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