Wednesday, November 24, 2010

3D Snowflake Pattern

Every year our Beaverton store makes these great hanging snowflakes and this year I snagged the pattern to share (thanks Darlla!). This is another simple decoration that is super easy and only requires paper, scissors and glue or tape.

In 5 easy steps you'll have a snowflake that won't melt or snarl traffic. Click here for a FREE template and instructions for making the 3D snowflake. The template contains the steps below, along with a diagram to guide you through the cutting and folding.

Start with a square piece of text weight paper any size. A 4" by 4" square will result in a medium sized snowflake. I suggest using a heavier text weight paper, such as a metallic, because they tend to hold their shape better and look festive. If you go with a 4" by 4" square, you will need 2 1/2 sheets of paper to make one snowflake.

Step 1: Fold the square diagonally to form a triangle.
Step 2: Fold the triangle again so that there is one side with a double fold and one side with 2 single folds.
Step 3: Cut 4 or 5 slits in the paper as pictured in the template.
Step 4: Unfold the paper carefully and attach the tips of the square to each other, alternating the direction you fold the paper. Attach the tips with either glue or tape. I like to cut a piece of tape into tiny strips before start
ing each section to make this go quicker.
Step 5: Attach 6 of the sections you made using Steps 1 - 4 by gluing, taping or stapling the tips together. Honestly this is the trickiest part, but I found a stapler works best.

This video demonstrates making one section:

I hope this is a bit of snow everyone can enjoy!! Have a great Thanksgiving everyone! --Kim


  1. This is awesomely easy! Thank you for sharing the project :)

  2. I love papercrafts!! These snowflakes look so elegant. Can't wait to try them out. Thank you!!

  3. Just wanted to thank you for this great tutorial and video. I featured it in a blog post about holiday paper crafts recently and linked back here.

  4. Thanks Ann! We would love to feature one of your quilling blogs. I particularly love the quilled marriage certificate. Our brides would be blown away by it.

  5. That would be great Kim - thank you! Please get in touch with me whenever the time is right for you and I'll send you pics of whatever you'd like to feature.

  6. my kids school art teacher had each of the older classes make these and they hung them all over the school. it looked amazing!!!! thanks for the tutorial!

  7. there is a much easier way to make them

  8. Every time I click the template link it reads "Webpage does not exist"....any ideas??? I'd love to feature your blog, this post specifically in an upcoming post. Just want to ensure the links are all working property prior to sending readers on over! Thanks! :)

  9. I saw some that were made out of old sheet music pages..very nice. I have a bunch of raggedy pieces of music so will have to try those. Thanks for the tutorial!

  10. Just an FYI - I clicked on the link & got a '404' error...