Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Paper Tweets

Because I like my crafts simple, I jumped at the chance to try this wonderful bird ornament that has been 'flying' around our stores. Practically all you need to make this is a sheet of cardstock and a pair of scissors.

Start with the Bird Ornament Template that can be printed off Paper Zone's website. Simply cut out the two shapes and trace them onto a piece of cardstock paper.
Tip:trace with a pencil because it's very faint and can be removed after the final pieces have been cut. You don't want a bird with marker on her wings! (note that in the pic I am using a marker and it didn't quite work out, thus the tip to use pencil)

Next, cut the pieces out of the cardstock. Using either your scissors, an xacto knife, or a box cutter, cut a slit where indicated by the dotted line on the template. The slit needs to be long enough to fit the wing piece through, but not much longer so the wing is snug.

Slide the wing through and you're done, that easy! Punch a hole and add a loop of ribbon and this little birdie is ready to fly. People will be oohing and awing over your amazing skills to make handmade ornaments.

Use colored or patterned paper for variations. Make a whole bunch and put a new meaning to "flocking" your tree! Enjoy. --Kim


  1. Love this ! White, embossed, glittered, cute and classy