Monday, November 22, 2010

Holiday Waterfall Card

This is one of my favorite cards to make. I have made it for all sorts of different kinds of cards from Birthday, Father's Day, to just hello. It is very versatile and you can adapt it to many different occasions and designs. Check out this little video to see how it works

My latest use is for a Christmas card. I came across these small square stamps that were perfect for the project at our store. As soon as a saw them, I knew what I was going to do with them.

Materials Needed

Neutral-colored cardstock - Neenah Classsic Natural White
Colored cardstock - Making Memories 12x12, Postage stripe Noel; Stardream Mars
Assorted stamps - Inkadinkado
Embossing pad and gun - Versamark Watermark Pad
Embossing Powder - Stampendous Jewelled Gold
Paper Trimmer
Scoring board
Ribbon or cord

Step 1
Cut your Neutral Cardstock (Classic Natural White) in the following measurements: 5¼" x 8 1/2" (1), 1 7/8" x 1 7/8" (4).Cut your Colored Cardstock in the following measurements: 2" x 2" (Mars) (4), 51/4" x 4" (Mars) (1), 9" x 2" (Noel) (1), ¾" x 4" (Noel) (1).

Step 2
Fold the largest piece of neutral colored cardstock in half.

Step 3
Emboss your images on the 1 7/8” squares.

Step 4
Attach your embossed squares to the slightly larger colored cardstock squares with your adhesive.

Step 5
Next you will need to score your 9 x 2 strip of colored cardstock. Starting at end of strip, score 2", 2¾", 3 ½", and 4 ¼" from the end.
You can then fold along the scored lines and you should have a strip which looks something like the following picture (let's call this Piece A).

Step 6
Attach your first stamped image to the bottom 2" x 2" space at the scored end of piece A. (Reverse Side)

Step 7
Apply adhesive to the scored sections of piece A only, and attach remaining stamped pieces.

Step 8
Attach the horizontal strip (the one which measures ¾" x 4") to front Piece A.

Step 9
Next, attach the horizontal strip to the front of your card. Note: it is very important that you do not use any adhesive in the middle of this piece, just on the ends.

Once you've attached these pieces, you should be able to gently pull the bottom of the longest section of piece A directly down and watch the stamped images flip one at a time and then slide behind piece A.

Step 10
Use a small hole punch to punch the bottom of piece A. Thread ribbon through hole punch and tie. Trim ends with scissors. You're done!

Happy Crafting


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