Friday, April 15, 2011

Blogger Bear

After the tremendous response we received from the adorable felt penguin and felt Easter Bunny made by Heather in our Salem store, I asked Heather to create a template for another fun felt project.

The felt PZ carries is made of 100% recycled plastic bottles so in honor of upcoming Earth Day: we bring you Blogger Bear!!

Here is a list of items you will need:

- 2 sheets dark brown felt
- 1 sheet light brown felt
- 1 sheet red felt
- 1 sheet pink felt
- two button eyes of your choosing about half inch diameter
- good sharp scissors
- fine point marker
- Jilly Bean twine or embroidery floss
-book binding needles or other large eyed needle
- enough fluff stuff to fill the 9 inch bear

Step 1:
Using the template provided on the Paper Zone website (click here), trace the shape of the bear onto the dark brown felt and cut. Cut two shapes so that you have a front and back for your Blogger Bear.

Step 2:
Trace and cut the ears, nose, snout and heart using the detailed image from the template.

Step 3:
Test assemble your bear to make sure that the shapes are how you will like your final bear to appear.

Step 4:
Center red felt heart on the bears tummy and baste stitch around the heart using the Jilly Bean twine or embroidery floss. Be sure to start and end your stitches on the inside of the bear so you will not see the knot.

Step 5:
Baste stitch the inner ears, snout and nose. Draw the mouth using the fine tipped marker. Button stitch eyes in place.

Step 6:
Begin to blanket stitch the front and the back of the bear together, hiding your knots and tails inside the bear. Leave an opening so he can be stuffed!

Step 7:
Fill him with fluff (not stuff), finish up the stitching and then give him a hug!

Thank you, Heather, for your fun felt creations and for creating this adorable little template!!


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  1. Wow these are lovely, I'm going to have to make a blue one this weekend :D