Monday, April 18, 2011

Paper That Grows!

Earth Day is coming up this Friday, so what better time to introduce our new selection of paper from Bloomin! These new papers and mini gift cards can actually be planted and grow into a beautiful array of wildflowers like zinnias, snapdragons and daisies. Do you ever wonder what to do with cards you receive from your friends and family once you've read them and the holiday or special event has passed? I do. I always feel bad throwing them away, mostly because of the sentimental attachment, but also because it just contributes to the ever-growing landfill. With this paper, you can create beautiful cards and once your friends have enjoyed them, they can be planted in a special part of their garden or a pot on a window sill so the memory can last on and on. We are carrying these papers in 8.5x11 sheet packs (either white or assorted colors). The sheets are really versatile. They are sturdy enough to be used for greeting cards or boxes, but the cotton composition still allows it to be easily punched. It also works great in the letterpress machine!
In addition to the sheeets, we also have some mini gift enclosures available in a range of shapes and colors.

Not only are these 2.5" square cards great for a finishing touch on a gift, but the shapes could be used as an embellishment on a more elaborate card or other craft project. There are tons of uses for this paper from Easter greetings to a Mother's Day Card that actually turns into a bouquet!

Seed papers are also great for handmade weddings and baby showers. You can make your own favors like these cute little cards for all of your guests with your special message and planting instructions attached:

Or like thes pillow boxes so you can hide an extra treat inside.

This is such a great way to add a little extra to your celebration and let your guests remember your day for months (maybe years) to come.

Happy Earth Day Everyone!


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