Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tissue Paper Eggs

With Easter fast approaching I want to share with you a cute and simple decor project made with paper; Tissue Paper Eggs.

First gather your supplies. For this project all you need is plastic eggs, tissue paper, PVA glue (or Mod Podge works great too!) a brush and some Shimmer Spritz.

Next tear the tissue into small pieces, about one inch in size.

Then apply glue to egg with brush and lay tissue piece onto egg. Brush glue over tissue piece on egg and repeat until egg is covered with tissue.

After egg is covered with tissue and glue set aside to let dry (I let mine sit overnight). Once dry the glue will become clear. If you would like your eggs shimmery, spray a little Shimmer Spritz on them!

Wasn't that simple? You might also try stamping onto egg after it has dried to decorate it more. Or use a decorative punch and punch pieces out of tissue and glue onto egg ; butterfly or flower shapes would be pretty!

One great thing about these eggs is they are lightweight, won't easily break and you don't have to worry about them getting rotten!

I was inspired for this project by the eggs that were made from the staff in the Beaverton store. They covered plastic eggs with tissue and Mod Podge. They then rubbed ink (from stamp ink pads) onto the eggs to create a realistic look. On some they sprayed Walnut ink to give an antique look. Aren't they amazing? (They also weaved the basket these eggs are sitting in out of craft paper!)

And our Salem store used the same technique, except instead of covering an egg they covered a balloon. When it dried they popped the balloon and cut the top off to make it look like a giant cracked egg. They then used it to hold eggs, how cute!For more ideas using Mod Podge visit their blog here.

Happy Easter,


  1. Sara (Shoreline Paper Zone)April 28, 2011 at 5:12 PM

    I made one of the Mod Podge eggs, and it turned out great! Thanks for the idea.

  2. Awesome, these are lovely. THank you for sharing these with us!