Thursday, December 1, 2011

Day 1: Glitter Paper Globes

Holiday Ornaments – Glitter Paper Globes

Use these sparkly ornaments to decorate your tree or take this basic design to a whole new level! This is a great starting point to get really creative: Shimmer Sprays, assorted embellishments, double-sided papers, different punch designs and the list goes on!

Materials -

- 2.5” Circle Punch

- Assorted Glitter Paper -or- Stardream Shimmer Paper

- Glue Gun, Glue Dots or another quick-drying adhesive

- Ribbon

- Scissors

Optional Accessories:

- Beads, Brads or Embellishments of your choice

- Floral wire or fishing line

Step 1) Punch out circles with your Circle Punch from your assorted paper. You can be adventurous with the quantity of circles you use for your design; however, I have found that 10 circles total work best.

(Tip: Try using a Christmas double sided paper or adhere a fun holiday paper to a glitter paper to achieve a totally different look.)

Step 2) Fold the circle in half with the design side out (for glitter paper – glitter side out).

Step 3) Put a drop of glue at each corner. Line up and glue the folded edges together at the seam. Continue to do this until the last one; however, do not glue the ornament closed.

Step 4) Knot off the bottom of your ribbon a few times then glue the excess ribbon up. Tie a loop at the top large enough to hang on the branch of a tree.

(Tip: You could also place a bead or glue a brad at the bottom instead of knotting off ribbon.)

Step 5) Take your ribbon and place it into the center of the ornament’s seam. Place some glue across the center of the ornament - press to seal your ornament closed and to glue your ribbon in.

Step 6) Glue the each flap of the ornament together with a small bead of glue. Repeat until the entire ornaments open flaps are glued shut.

Happy Holiday Crafting!

- Stephanie

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