Sunday, December 18, 2011

Day 18: Snowflake Orb Ornament

Assorted colorful text-weight papers, and a scrap of white cardstock
1/8 Hole Punch (and 1/16, if you have it) Fishing line or string Small Brads Snowflake stamp

Step 1:
Trim your colored papers to 1/2" wide by 5 1/2" long. You'll only need about 6-8 strips per ornament. Punch a hole through the strips at each end, about a half inch in. I like the Big Bite for this, since you can punch through all 6 strips at once!

Step 2:
Stamp a snowflake on both sides of your scrap of cardstock. Use a circle punch to trim it, or trim with scissors. Tip: put it against a window to line up the two stamps perfectly!

Step 3:
Punch a little hole though your stamped snowflake and thread a piece of fishing line though (about 8-10"). Tie the ends of the line together to make a loop (I like to put a little dab of clear nail polish on the knot to make sure it won't come undone).

Step 4:
Thread the loop through the hole at the other end of your strips. Make sure to thread it through the "wrong" side of the strips, so the good side of the brad faces out and the flake hangs in the center. Adjust the loop so there's enough room for the flake to hang, but not touch the bottom of the ornament.

Step 5:
Put the other brad through the top hole. This should hold the fishing line in place. Spread the strips out evenly so it forms an orb. Now it's ready to hang! The cool thing about this ornament is that you can keep the strips flat and send it in a card, or flatten them back out after the holidays and store it for next year.

Happy holidays and happy crafting!
-Portland Paper Zone

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