Friday, December 2, 2011

Day 2: Holiday Gift Card Holder

A gift card always make a convenient and fast gift for anyone on your list. This great gift card holder gives your gift card a bit of a personal touch and you can make it for any occasion!

Cut your paper:

Base Paper - cut to 4.25x11

Paper layer -4x2.75

Score the base paper at 3, 5.5, 8. I have used the Martha Stewart Scoring Board. So easy, fast and professional!

Fold into a Mountain fold

Glue (tape) the mountain folds together around the edges, make sure not to go to far in so you can slide the gift card in the middle. I like to use the ¼ orange craft tape. This tape will hold any paper together.

Cut a slot on the inside fold to fit a gift card. Use a old gift card to measure how big the slot should be. Use an exacto knife.

Decorate the front. Layer pattern paper. The sample has a punched shape on the front, you will layer a piece of ribbon between the punched piece and the front and wrap around the gift card holder to keep it shut.

I think it is fun to put your personal touch on any gift. Have fun with this one!


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