Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Day 7: Origami Star Ornament


- (5) 4” Squares of Origami or Double-sided Scrapbook paper

- (2) 2 1/8” Squares for Covers

- (1) 18” Length of Thin Ribbon

- Double Stick Tape

  1. Fold 4” square horizontally & vertically.
  1. Fold diagonally twice.
  1. Open up the square & you will have two diagonally folds, one vertical & one horizontal fold.
  1. Fold into a triangle.
  1. Fold the outer ends of the triangle inside towards the center. You will end up with a square.
  1. Using double stick tape, attach the five squares. Keep each end free.
  1. Fold the ribbon in half. Place double stick tape on each diagonal. Keep the looped end of the ribbon on the closed part of the square & the open length on the open end of the ornament.
Have fun!

- Tukwila Paper Zone


  1. This just sounds difficult... Could u post a couple, "how to" pictures?

  2. I will get some photos posted shortly!!!